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A Lloydminster based rescue created in 2012 to help furbabies who have fallen through the cracks. We must save them.
Please help us help them. 

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Feature Rescue ​Story

Meet two pups who were rescued at different times, but with very similar stories. Karma,  a shepherd pup rescued in February 2017; and Aspen, a female pitbull/boxer/shepherd mix rescued in January 2018. Both of these puppies were brought in with extremely contorted front legs. We suspected broken bones, muscle or ligament injuries, or even birth defects! It turned out to be something much more (in my opinion) heartbreaking.... they were extremely malnourished. They were both so incredibly starved that their muscles had actually tightened up so much that it was contorting their legs! In both cases we had to keep them on bed rest and give them frequent small amounts of low quality kibble (they're poor empty tummies could't handle high quality food yet). Karma & Aspen both had the same sad eyes when they looked at us - they're short lives had been full of so much struggling. Thankfully after just a few days we already started to see an improvement! By the second week they were eating properly and would even leave food in their dishes,  but best of all, their legs were completely back to normal and they were able to run & play like a healthy happy puppy. Karma & Aspen were both adopted and are living happily with Furever families who make sure they get plenty of food, water, and love 💜

Thank you to Champion Petfoods for donating to us!

Champion Petfoods has donated trailer loads of dog food to us multiple times! We are so grateful and fortunate that this amazing company has chosen to support us. Not only do they keep our furbaby's bellies full, but the high quality of their dog food helps transform our unhealthy, injured, or emaciated dogs into the healthy happy dogs they were always meant to be!